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Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are the most beautiful and interactive water feature that you can have. Koi fish are very colorful and no two are exactly alike. This makes them collectable, and valuable. Feeding Koi fish is one of the benefits of ownership. Koi fish are very active at feeding time and fun for the whole family. Koi ponds in Illinois need a properly sized water pump, filtration system, and an ultraviolet sterilizer.

Koi ponds also require a small heater to keep a hole in the ice open during the winter. Koi ponds need a fish cave in the pond or bird net over the pond to keep the blue herons from eating all the fish.

Koi ponds need to have water testing done regularly to monitor ammonia and nitrates and chemicals added as needed. Koi ponds often have lights used to accent features of the pond.

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Landscape Koi Ponds Design

Koi Ponds Design

No matter what kind of water feature you have, allscape can design,install, repair, and maintain it. We provide Koi Ponds opening, closing, and cleanings. Koi Ponds openings, and closings, pond chemical advice, and implementation.

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